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You do your brother's memory well to exercise and enjoy his car Hi Guys.. I remember he never drove it when the council gritters were putting salt on the roads at this time of year Luckily I have an old Land Rover for days like that! Thanks again.

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Joined Dec 7, Joined Sep 13, My sincerest condolences. Welcome to the forum, keep the car up in the same manner as your brother did, as a tribute and remembrance. The time spent will be worth it to you. GingerPuss said:. Hi All, My brother Joined Jun 29, Condolences from me as well, it is sad to lose a close family member, very tough. Nick posted a thread about what he did to his car, he said his inspiration was your father.

To answer your question, don't drive it in the snow nor after the salters gritters have been through, wait until it's all that has been washed away in the spring, or you will get rust and then that will be the beginning of the end. Welcome to the forum, sorry for your loss. Joined Oct 26, Joined Aug 13, Sorry for you lost. Such a beautiful car.

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Joined Jan 27, Such a wonderful thing to discover something your brother loved, and experience the same. Joined Sep 30, Such a precious family heirloom The SLC was the top of the line benz in price and exclusivity during it's production Join the discussion.

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Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. Recommended Reading. Read More. More "what is it"? First of all, thank you to all the forum members who have helped me thus far; I would be lost without your help! The part on the left looks like it has something to do with seatbelts, but all my seatbelts look complete. As the owner of a 22 year old Ford product, I agree with the brittle plastic problem. Removing any interior part, spreading the clip on a wiring connector, etc always seems to end up in broken clips and bits.

Mechanically though, no problem…. I liked the body style better than the SL convertible. My mom had a W SE— I imagine the driving experience would have been similar.

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My parents liked big cars. When the OPEC embargo happened and gas was semi rationed, people were practically giving away gas guzzling V8 luxury cars. As we lived in a small city where not many miles were required to get around, my parents jumped at the chance. Both cars got 10 MPG.


But my God the thing was handsome, even with the weird stacked bumpers. You must be logged in to post a comment. By Murilee Martin on May 8, Print More Reviews. Back to Top Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars.

Oh my. Things are happening to my brain.

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Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Revealed: Ford Escape. Login to reply. Worth something. Scrap it. Scorsese definitely has a way with violence. Love the Conti porn throughout the movie as well. Interesting, feels very 80s.

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  6. This sums it up for me: youtube. I dare ya. They all get horrible fuel economy though , even the 6 cylinder ones. Getting back to my SL though, its significance in my life has little to do with its impressive rallying career, and more to do with my family. Like many of you reading this, m y passion for cars started when I was just a kid, and I still remember playing with my Matchbox cars on the kitchen floor whenever my mom was cooking.

    He used to bring me on trips all over the country for car and truck events, and he spent the time explaining me how to drive his truck, how to operate the machinery, how the pieces of a car worked, etc. My love affair with Benzes came from a different place though.

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    My godfather was this older wealthy Italian man with, perhaps unsurprisingly, great taste in food, clothes, and cars. He owned a late-model Mercedes SL in white with a tan interior. I remember going to his house every summer and rushing to see that car—I had never come across anything else like it at that point. I found it so beautiful, the engine bay was always kept immaculate, and I think I can still smell the leather interior. As much as I like my car, a bout two years ago I found something, someone, much better. After meeting the woman whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, I asked Joy to marry me in and we had the wedding in May of this year.

    I had just two requests for our wedding: an open bar, and to drive my old car on the day of. Of course, she understood and gladly agreed. We later did road trips to the wine countryside and shared many beautiful moments elsewhere thanks to the car providing more than just the bare essential transportation. Great story, even makes me emotional. Thanks for sharing again. Great story and pics. Better looking than the SL in all angles if you ask me beautiful photos btw! With good sized electric heavy duty windows, pillarless design, comfortably sit four adults, luxury cabin and a sunroof.