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This quest marks the last of the main Institute quests. However, Institute Radiant and Miscellaneous quests are still available if you wish to continue your work for the Institute. Now that the main faction quests are over, locate Shaun to receive several quests from him. Completing these quests grants you the coveted Wazer Wifle, a semi-automatic laser rifle that has an unlimited ammo capacity. We reexamine Fallout 4 in the wake of Fallout 76's release and find that it holds up better than you might think.


With insight from designers, what Fallout's iconic device tells us about its ever-changing post-apocalyptic wasteland. Time of day is important in Need for Speed Heat, with different rewards for different points in the day. Need for Speed Heat is full of collectibles and secrets, with big rewards for those who find them. The Blood Ties quest is part of a larger quest that starts in Megaton. This quest technically starts when you talk to Lucy West in Megaton. This is a good way to start it, since it will mark the town on your map.

Where to Find Every Bobblehead

You can also get the quest by walking to the top of the highway ramp into town and triggering your special welcome. Talk to Evan King to learn about their situation. It seems like some gang called The Family is harassing them.

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Visit each of the 3 houses to check in with the residents. You might want to pick the lock now. The first two houses by Evan are alright. The problem is the third house in back. Examine the bodies to make it official. What happens afterward changes depending on your skills. You can make special note of various things on the bodies if you have the right skill. The only relevant one is if you have Medicine higher than You can always just go to Meresti Station and head inside to their hideout, regardless of whether your character figures it out or not.

You need to go to Northwest Seneca Station. Go up to the station and inside. Approach the door at the end to stumble across a few ghouls. This is a separate quest. Your real goal is past his office and in a room with some radioactive waste barrels. The waste is partially hiding a manhole. Quickly use it to access the service tunnels beneath the station. These tunnels are filled with mirelurk, but you should know how to deal with them by now.

25 Hidden Locations In Fallout 3 Even Super Fans Haven’t Found

I ran into 2, but you might always find more. Just shoot them in the face when they rear up to attack you.

Trying to locate the family l Fallout 3

Once you make it to the end of the tunnels, you should come out into a Meresti Station. Stay very alert here. Turn on your flashlight and watch the floor for mines and bear traps. There are also a few tripwires rigged up to shotguns and pitching machines.

Fallout 4: Nuclear Family - Visit Father

You just need to get to the first intersection and then walk down the line of subway cars to get to the fortified entrance to the hideout. Robert, the gate guard, should stop you. You can either pass a speech check, show him the letter, or bribe him to get inside. If you kill him, then it will probably set the entire Family hostile to you. Head on into their section of the subway.

The layout is pretty simple.