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In Indiana there are at least three 3 recidivist or repeat offender consequences for OWI. First, and most serious, Indiana has a habitual substance offender statute that could yield up to 8 additional years in jail if filed against a client with two 2 or more prior offenses. Second, a felony OWI in Indiana usually involves a prior offense within 5 years of the current charge. Finally, habitual traffic violator status is imposed on OWI offenders who accumulate three 3 OWI's in a ten 10 year period.

Therefore, the prior offenses can be an important part of the case. Your lawyer must examine the validity of the prior offense and determine if post-conviction relief might eliminate one of those offenses. Indiana OWI lawyers know that cases involving accidents and injuries usually require jail in the event of a conviction.

These penalties do not reflect the additional administrative driver's license suspension imposed in Indiana OWI cases. In , Indiana law changed to allow an administrative suspension of your driver's license if you either failed or refused a chemical test - defined as a breath, blood, or urine test for alcohol or drugs. Your administrative suspension is for days if you failed a chemical test or, for 1 year if you refuse a chemical test. Unfortunately, the fastest way for a first offender to regain their driver's license is to plead guilty.

From to the present, Indiana law has been written to coerce you to plead guilty if you want a quick and easy solution to license suspension.

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I had had a friend in check my records on NCIC to verify that they were misdemeanors and vacated. He said yes. After finger print board denied me they require a "good cause exception request". This meant that for every indictment whether I was named on it or not , all charges whether dropped or not and final dispositions I had to give the who, what, when, where, why as well as why I did what I did and what it taught me and have Id done anything since Including traffic tickets and accidents What a job!

To top that off, She could not find where my civil rights had been restored yet I had paperwork regarding. Well, the county in which this occurred never filed it so for 31 years I thought I had civil rights and was and still do vote. Here is a kicker. Shonda in Lubbock, Texas. I have been denied a job because of what is on background check. I tell the person interviewing me that there is something on there without a convection,since the case is still pending.

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I've had two other interviews that I know will do a background check and they say 'we'll call you in a week to let you know" Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan. Don't mention it during the interview.

When they ask if you'll pass a background check they legally can't do that , say sure. When something shows up, since there's no conviction, it's still open, therefore you don't really know how to discuss it. Depending on what it is, it shouldn't matter, unless it directly relates to the job DUI, driver position, etc. In addition, any company that runs a background check on you for pre-employment HAS to tell you why they are rejecting you, if it's because of what they found. You have the option to correct something in your background if it is incorrect, that way.

Aside from that, if you tell them up front you have something in your background, they can choose not proceed with the process and you have no legal recourse. Wait, and you do. Bob Bosse in cincinnati, Ohio. JC in Arlington, Texas. I applied for the job I needed to start my career. I was worried sick about the charges and that they wouldn't take me because of them.

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Well the interview went great, they sent me paperwork to fill out which in did immediately and sent it back. The same night they basically said I'm in pending my background check which made my heart drop. Having no choice I agreed with it to continue the process. After that I didn't hear from them for 4 days so I e-maled them regarding the status. Human resources sent back an e-mail apologizing for the delay and said they will send me the start date asap. The next day they gave me the job and i start monday. So point of the story is even if you have pending charges it doesn't disqualify you from the job, everyone gets worried when things are out of your control but always have faith.

BDub in Bronx, New York. I received a job offer for bag helper position, on Friday, September 22th. I signed the job offer and background check paper on same day. The physical, lifting test and drug screen went well on Monday but I still wait HR call to tell me I passed background screening. I have no criminal record and my last work place was 11 years ago.

Please, tell me, it' s ok to call them or do i have to wait the call? Thank you! Projects in Tampa, Florida. I just finished all paperwork for my job today, they filled out everything for my start date, uniforms, etc. If it comes through well I'll start Saturday, I'll let you guys know how it goes to give a peace of mind to others, or if it doesn't go well. Remember to keep faith and do the next right thing, will work itself out.

Projects in Tampa, Florida said: I just finished all paperwork for my job today, they filled out everything for my start date, uniforms, etc. My bench warrant is 1 year old and I just found out about it through a pre employment background check. Bob Bosse in cincinnati, Ohio said: Does a misdemeanor probation violation show up on a background check? I think it does. Depending on how thorough of a check. My misdemeanor driving on susp. Showed up reporting 2 years prob. So it might but my fingers are crossed for ya.

Shawn Shavers in Charlotte, North Carolina. The thing is that I was arrested back in for possession of medication without prescription but was released hours later. I managed to hired a lawyer in which she was able to get me the deversion program. Im not being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony what so ever and the case would be dismissed on September 27 once I complete my 30 classes.

My question is should I let them know about it even tho it's not a misdemeanor or felony before the fingerprint me? I mean I didn't lie when they asked me in the application if I've ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor I put NO because I haven't. I even asked my lawyer to make me a letter explaining the case and how the case is gonna be dismissed and eventually get expunged.

Mike in Ontario, California. I work for a school district in CA, I got a domestic violence charge over the holidays. Will they pull me off the schedule when I return to work???? I'm so nervous and sick.. Please help!!