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Had tried many other devices, but they have worked by no means as reliable and inexpensive. Thank you and if I still need such a device again I know who to contact. Free German and Englisch support even after purchase. GPS tracker are small and reliable. Their areas of application inexhaustible.

For example, they are used to track pets such as dogs or cats.


GPS trackers also play an important role in the personal training. And yet, the little tracker can also save lives. In the care sector, especially for protecting people suffering dementia, GPS tracker are used quite often.

But children are also protected by the use of tracking devices. Moreover, a GPS tracker can serve as a soothing helper, for example if the child is late from school. It gives the user a sense of security. The built-in SOS button on some devices opens up further protection options. In addition to people and animals, vehicles such as cars, trucks or motorcycles also get protected with a GPS tracker.

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Two options are possible though: On the one hand, you can install the device firmly in your vehicle and connect it to the vehicle battery, on the other hand, a device with an internal battery can be used. Other ways to use a GPS tracker would be to protect personal items. For example, a suitcase or a bag are already used areas of application to that matter. Baggage was, after a loss during a vacation, quickly located and recovered with the help of a GPS Tracker. The loss of important documents carried in your briefcase becomes a thing of past with a GPS Tracker.

The scope of application of GPS Trackers is unlimited. No matter if Suitcases, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trailers, drones, trucks and managament of whole vehicle pools — endless ways to use a GPS Tracker. All models of our GPS Tracker can be easily found at the web shop. Protect what you love. Find your GPS now. Choose suitable device. GPS tracker for Vehicles. GPS tracker for People. GPS tracker for Pets. What do you want to find? The SIM card is responsible for transferring the data of the device's location.

What exactly is GPS? The so-called Global Positioning Service is a program enabling worldwide tracking. For this purpose, several satellites were sent into orbit. The satellites reguarly send signals, which are received by the GPS tracker. The signals together with the little time delay, that results when transmitting, empower the GPS tracker to determine its position to exactly one meter. What exactly is GSM? The Global System for Mobile Communications is a standard program for mobile phone service, e.

What exactly is GPRS?

How to Check Your Car for a GPS Tracker

Popularly, GPRS is referred to as mobile internet connection. Many models have the ability to get permanently installed. In that case you never have to worry about the battery life. One way to permanentally install a GPS device is to connect it to your car's battery. GPS tracker using an internal battery can of course be attached and hidden wherever you want. Please have a look at those pictures next, to get inspired for some clever places to install the device:. The scope of application of GPS tracker in general are very broad. Whether private, to protect relatives, or to support elderly people.

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  6. GPSLive allows you to create safe zones that can be drawn around specific locations on the map. Geofence zones are virtual barriers that trigger an alert every time your vehicle enters or leaves the area. You can set up a geofence zone around your house or your workplace to get instantly notified on your mobile devices using our mobile smartphone APP.

    Geo-fence zones can act as an early warning system in case of emergencies and help businesses to record time spent on work sites.

    Everything You Need to Know About GPS Tracking

    With accurate time and GPS location data at hand, fleet managers can eliminate false overtime-fuel claims and present their customers with evidence of accurate arrival and departure timelines. Keep an eye on the location and paths taken by your vehicles. View the traffic congestions for optimising dispatch routes. Multiple sensors for gathering information about your vehicles.

    Get notified if a vehicle is speeding over national speed limits. View Live Demo. No Need for Installing Software. GPSLive is an innovative cloud-based tracking software with state-of-the-art features for adjusting your tracker settings and monitoring the location of your vehicle. View Live Demo.

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    No Need for Installing Software. GPSLive is an innovative cloud-based tracking software with state-of-the-art features for adjusting your tracker settings and monitoring the location of your vehicle. Our team is constantly analysing and improving our software to match the ever-increasing demands of our customers and the growing vehicle industry.

    GPSLive user interface is easy-to-use and fully capable of monitoring s of tracking devices in real-time. You can access the previous travel history of your vehicles up to 3 months to view the logged events such as movement, speeding, ignition and routes taken. GPSLive is a powerful online cloud-based tracking software that allows businesses and individuals to locate and track their vehicles or assets on a PC, Mac, Tablet or a Smartphone. You can track the location of your vehicles and assets in real-time on our APP that provides you with a detailed user interface that includes sensor information, map, route history, alarms and devices.

    GPSLive smartphone APP is engineered to provide an enhanced user experience and allow businesses and individuals to locate their vehicles and assets quickly without needing a computer. Add to cart.

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