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WSP will delete the information from their database. It is a good idea to keep a copy of the result for yourself also. This process of deleting your record does not necessarily mean that the records are destroyed. It denies the public access to the records and requires that all mention of the charge be removed from your permanent public record.

Also, you'll be able to pass background checks more easily. Because your law enforcement record will be removed from the database, and any fingerprints and booking photographs destroyed. You can. Basically you would do this if a state or local law enforcement agency was giving out the wrong information about your criminal history. For example, let's say the police department reported that you were arrested, charged, or convicted for something when it never happened to you.

Or, if you were arrested for one crime, but charged or convicted of a less serious crime. Contact whatever agency has the record and learn what their procedures are.

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  • Washington Courts - Search Case Records.

Generally, you'll have to make a written request. If your request is denied, you can always appeal to the superior court. There's two separate processes -- one for misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors and one for felonies. Let's first talk misdemeanors. You are eligible to vacate your record if:. More paperwork.

Criminal History

There's a specific form you'll need to fill out and file with the court where the conviction took place. Here's a list of Seattle courts and a copy of the form to fill out. Each court has their own specific rules, so be sure to follow them. The process is similar. You will probably need to contact there court where you were convicted. The attorney listings on this site are paid attorney advertising. In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state.

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Lawyer Marketing Lawyer Directory. Toggle navigation CriminalDefenseLawyer. Search Term. Defining Theft Under Washington Law Theft is committed in the state of Washington when someone wrongfully takes or obtains property or services with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of that property or of the value of those services. Theft Offenses and Penalties in Washington Like so many states, Washington categorizes its theft offenses primarily according to the value of the property or services taken.

Effect of Prior Convictions on Theft Charges in Washington Washington statutes on theft do not specifically address the effect of prior convictions on theft charge in the state of Washington, but any criminal conviction on a defendant's criminal record whether for a theft-related offense or for any other misdemeanor or felony is likely to mean harsher punishments come sentencing time. Unofficial background checks can be done by accessing public records information.

Each agency of the Washington government has a responsibility to retain certain records and make them accessible to the public. Unofficial background checks are not for use in making employment decisions or giving a loan, but they can be useful for finding out about:. Washington has very specific rules about how background checks can be used and who is required to undergo background checks for criminal offenses, driving history, and credit checks.

Official state background checks are not free in Washington. Washington restricts the use of fingerprint-based background checks to certain state function. A great deal of information is available in Washington through public records searches. These records are unofficial, but can provide a great deal of information about an individual. Washington requires state agencies to retain and make public a variety of records, including some conviction and court records.

If You Were Not Convicted of a Crime

The Washington State Archives is the data repository for the state of Washington. The archives can be useful for finding historical information. The archives will hold genealogical information for ancestry searches, land titles and historical marriage, death, and birth records. Most public court records are retained by the relevant courts. Washington does not have a universal clearinghouse for accessing all public court documents.

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  • Theft Offenses and Penalties in Washington.
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Most courts in Washington use the Odyssey portal for providing access to court cases to the public. Other Washington courts use a different public portal.

These searches will give limited information about court cases. For conviction records, individuals will need to contact the Washington State Police for a background check.

Washington limits the ways in which an employer can use background checks. Numerous laws set requirements that limit the types of information available to employers and prevent employers use of criminal convictions to discriminate against applicants. Washington is a ban the box state and all employers are prevented from asking about criminal convictions until at least the first interview. Laws restrict the ability of employers to deny applicants based on criminal history by requiring employers to be able to prove that the decision not to hire an individual with a criminal record is not motivated by the conviction.

Exemptions exist for certain jobs. Washington is a shall issue state , so any resident who meets requirements can request a concealed carry permit and it will be provided.

A background check is required for a concealed carry permit in Washington. Firearms Background Check Statistics in Washington The total number of conducted firearm background checks in Washington for decreased compared to and is lower than the national average of , with December being the month with the most firearm background checks — 58, Washington follows federal law for the process of buying and selling firearms. All sales through a licensed firearms dealer will require both an FBI and a BCI background check for criminal history.

Washington allows open carry of firearms without a permit. A concealed carry permit is required to carry a loaded gun in a car in Washington. If you want to purchase a gun in Washington your criminal history will be checked, as all gun sales in the state must be through a licensed dealer who keeps track of transactions. Records of retail sales are reported to law enforcement. An additional permit is required to carry a concealed or unconcealed handgun as well. In most states convicted felons and those convicted of domestic abuse are prohibited from owning or possessing guns; states often keep an additional list of individuals judged too mentally unstable to be trusted with a gun.